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USTrackers.com provides business to business reports as well as related services to the general public. If you are in need of information regarding a potential employee, care provider, business partner or vendor, fiancée, former spouse, or other type of individual, then we can help. If your needs are directed towards a particular business or entity, we can provide a wealth of information on any national or international firm. These reports are great to confirm background information and / or locate assets!

What do we need to compile one of our Specialized Reports? It depends on the report selected. Regarding an individual, we need all the identifying information you can provide. Regarding a business, the entity name and any additional information would be helpful (i.e. business address, or corporate ID number, or officer name(s), or other identifier).

What is included with your results? Depending on the search selected, you'll receive a detailed hardcopy report via US Mail.  Please note, we understand that your search is urgent and will email you a preliminary report upon completion. Most searches can be completed within 24hrs. or less.


USTrackers.com Individual Background Report
$59.95 + $2.00 Shipping & Handling - Order Now
Supply us with any and all information on your subject. Results will include SSN, date of birth, AKA's, current and prior addresses, possible telephone number and spouse information. We may also return your subjects relatives names and addresses, people he/she lived with, civil litigation history, business affiliations, drivers and vehicle information (where available), real property ownership, professional licenses, and much more. Results in 24hrs.

USTrackers.com Business Background Report
$69.95 + $2.00 Shipping & Handling - Order Now
Supply us with any and all information on the business in question. Results will include all Secretary of State information including corporate filings, officers and their personal identifying data, Uniform Commercial Code Filings (liens), civil litigation history, vehicle and real property ownership, and much more. Results in 24hrs.

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